Dami International

In the 1960s, Piero Dami began Dami Editore, a family-owned publishing company that focused on selling rights internationally in addition to publishing children's books in Italy. In the late 1970s Andrea Dami joined his father and the company grew increasingly more successful.

Dami has been present at the major book fairs for many years, including Frankfurt, Bologna and BookExpo America in the United States. On the international rights market Dami titles are published in close to 30 languages, in more than 70 countries.

Giunti Editore, based in Florence, has been distributing Dami books in Italy for over 25 years. In 2001 Giunti purchased 'Dami Editore' and this became the imprint for Dami books in Italy.

In 2008, Dami International joined Giunti and is now a part of the Giunti International Division.

Today Andrea Dami continues to create new titles and games for the Dami catalogue, in addition to successful characters with a global reach such as Tip the Mouse. The editors of Dami Editore in Florence are constantly adding new titles to the Dami line by taking advantage of the richly illustrated Dami archive of images and characters. The result is that Dami International presents two collections of new titles each year, in Bologna and Frankfurt.

Dami International continues to strive to bring quality children's books to young readers everywhere via its well-known artists and its many colorfully illustrated titles.

Giunti Group

GIUNTI GROUP, a leading Italian publisher, is one of the 50 most important publishing groups in the world.
With its head office in Florence, Giunti Editore comes from a very long publishing tradition: in 1883 it published “The Adventures of Pinocchio” by Collodi for the first time.

Today through the catalogues of its imprints for children (Giunti, Dami Editore, Fatatrac, Edizioni del Borgo, Editoriale Scienza, Disney, Lucas, Marvel, Pon Pon edizioni), its imprints for adults (Giunti, Bompiani, Demetra, De Vecchi Editore, Giorgio Nada Editore, Slow Food Editore,) one special imprint for primary schools (Giunti Scuola), and an imprint for Junior and Senior High School (Giunti e TVP Editori), Giunti Editore has become a market leader in many fields.

Giunti Editore has over 8,000 titles total in its catalogues (65% Adults, 45% Children), and publishes approximately 500 new titles per year. Giunti publications are sold at the top bookstores by a team of 150 of its own agents; when added to the 190 directly owned bookstores “Giunti al Punto” is the largest Italian chain based on number of stores.

Giunti Group is one of the most dynamic companies in Italy: the marketing and financial analysis firm, Databank, has named it as a Company to Watch in 2015. Moreover, in 2015 Giunti Editore was once again the third-largest publisher in Italy after Mondadori and RCS for total revenue. Giunti Scuola is also the top publisher in Italy for primary school books. Internationally, Giunti Editore maintains relationships with publishers in over 50 countries. In recent years thousands of original titles have been licensed to hundreds of foreign publishers across the globe, resulting in the publication of millions of copies of Italian fiction, non fiction, illustrated titles and children’s books in almost every language. In addition, Giunti International Division exports Italian book products to more than 40 countries throughout the world.